About Us

The principals of Travmark and Generali Global Assistance & Insurance Services have been the trusted insurance advisers to major airlines, cruise lines, travel agencies, tour operators, camp, conference, sports and varied program operators for many years.

Our staff is able to provide guidance on all matters of insurance, whether it is related to property, liability, bonding or trip/program cancellation coverage.

Generali Global Assistance & Insurance Services, as Plan Administrator, is the partner that leading program professionals turn to for high-quality program protection products and services.

Our unique product offerings help us provide program participants with the most complete coverage while on their programs. We were the first company to make available provisions to waive the plan exclusion for pre-existing conditions throughout our entire product line and provide terrorism coverage without geographic or political restrictions on many of our plans.

Our experience and quality services allow our customers peace of mind, knowing that they and their program investment are protected.

We sell insurance as authorized representatives of the insurance companies listed on our website.

We are incorporated in the State of Kansas and domiciled in the state of Missouri. We are licensed in all states, as required by law.

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